What is TF+?

TF+ is your gateway to all aspects of competitive Team Fortress 2 and regular Team Fortress 2 while supplying useful resources for everyone!

Who runs TF+?

TF2+ is ran and contributed to by numerous trusted community members. Most of these contributing members are RGL.gg and other established TF2 organization staff.

What makes TF+ reliable?

TF+'s goal is to provide a secure environment for players to get resources.
Our domain has a SSL certificate to keep all data safe and will NEVER ask for personal information.
When you log in, make sure that the URL you use to sign into steam is the OFFICIAL steam community website.
All donations are securely processed through PayPal.com.
We take no chances when it comes to your data, safety, and privacy.

Can/Should I play competitive TF2?


"But my skill/hours..."
Everyone starts somewhere!
We recommend having a couple hundred hours of experience and basic game understanding.
Many players alongside you are also new!

"The competitive scene is toxic..."
Toxic players are not welcome. Participate in leagues and groups that prioritize inclusion!

"But I don't like sixes/it feels restrictive..."
Leagues offer many formats, one is sure to fit your play-style!

"[Generic Excuse]..."
No more excuses! We would love to have you!


Why can't I access certain features?

To maintain and run this project, we need funds to pay for server hosting, labor, and more. Your donation helps keep most of the content free to the general public, along with getting consistent updates, additions, and improvements.