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Starter Config

Starter configuration pack that includes the basics to play TF2 comfortably.

Make sure you backup your tf/cfg and tf/custom folders before proceeding!

Increasing Your Frames Per Second (FPS)

One of the worst things to happen is for your game to lag, making you die with full ubercharge!

To stay in the competition, download and use the popular configuration mastercomfig based on your computer specifications:


Make sure you follow directions listed on the download page!

Game Improvements

The default configuration that Team Fortress 2 comes with is not suitable for competitive play like you may find in other e-sports.

This configuration changes some of your settings to make it easier to play competitively.

Download Securely From Google Drive 

Place the contents of this download (the cfg folder and README.txt) into your 'Steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/ tf' folder!
So the path of the README.txt should be:
'Steam/steamapps/common/Team Fortress 2/ tf/cfg/README.txt'

You may also choose to customize your own config! This can be done from    
However, while you can make your own config, click below to see suggested competitive settings!

Setting Suggested Value Use
Graphics setting config Use mastercomfig from above or
 select according to your computer's performance.
Higher FPS and
smoother game-play
Setting Suggested Value Use
Fast weapon switch Enabled
Being able to quickly react.
Auto-reload Enabled
Not needing to remember to reload.
Colorblind mode Enabled
Milked/Jarate'd players show an icon above their heads,
increasing visibility.
Use player model in HUD Enabled
As a spy, disguise as enemies to see what load-outs the
enemy is using, such as the medigun/kritzkrieg.
Disable HTML MOTDs Disabled
(Not checked)
You may need to have HTML MOTDs to
see post-match logs.
Suicide after choosing class Disabled
You do NOT want to accidentally die during a match.
Bind classes to a key or bind a key to "+kill" to suicide instead.
Medic: Medi Gun autoheal Enabled
It takes too much effort to hold down a key 24/7
than to click once to change heal target.
Medic: Display a marker over heal target Enabled
Not too important, but may help picking
your heal target out of a crowd.
Advanced spectator HUD,
Spy concise disguise menu,
Sniper: Rifle will re-zoom,
Sniper: Play a sound when charged
Sniper: Hide crosshair when zoomed
These settings are mostly personal.
Experiment with these to find your
optimal settings.
Setting Suggested Value Use
Null-cancelling movement script Enabled
Allowing more precise and responsive movement.
Everything else Personal
These settings are mostly personal.
Experiment to find your
optimal settings.
Setting Suggested Value Use
Everything Personal
These settings are mostly personal.
Experiment to find your optimal

Lastly, set your launch options to include
'-console -novid'
to enable console for entering commands such as connecting to servers and
to disable the video that plays during launch.

Right click on TF2 in your steam library, press 'Properties', and 'Launch Options' to add those settings.

To test this setup, launch TF2, load into a server and play to get a feel for the differences.
Feel free to change settings in the config builder or manually through the config files.