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Help Fund the Hardworking Competitive TF2 Volunteers

Everyone that makes competitive Team Fortress 2 happen use their precious skills, time, effort, and personal money to keep the scene alive without monetary compensation.

Please choose to donate to either certain volunteers or departments to show appreciation 

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Options - Include with Donation

Current list of eligible volunteers grouped by associated organization. 100% of donations received go towards chosen volunteer(s).

More permanent members displayed, "numerous members" means that members usually come and go or members have flexible roles. Members do not need to be displayed to be donated to. If staff member is unreachable or denies donations, the amount will be returned to the original donor.

RGL Production - The producers and casters behind competitive streams.
Running costs: $150/yr - Domain Names, $240/yr - Web Server Hosting, $A Lot/yr - Lost Labor
          DolphiN - Lead Production Manager - In charge of what you see on the stream (graphics, gameplay, etc.) Developer of RGL Discord PUGs.
          numerous members - Casters & Analysis - The ones speaking over gameplay to tell you what you're seeing and to help analyze gameplay.

RGL Graphics - Those who make team logos, banners, and other graphics as needed on
Running costs: $A Lot/yr - Editing licenses, Lost Labor
         Raos - Graphics Head Manager - Leads graphics team, delegating tasks and priorities.
         numerous members - Graphic Member - Draws, illustrates, and produces other creative work for numerous league-wide uses.

RGL Admins & Moderators - Experienced members who volunteer their time to make each season happen by sorting and helping teams.
Running costs: $A Lot/yr - Lost Labor & Prize Pools
         sigafoo - Founder - Founder of RGL, prize pool source, LAN organizer, and all-around handler of major issues.
         exa_ - Head RGL Admin - Founder of RGL HL, current RGL Head Admin.
         Micahlele - Head HL Admin - Current Head Admin of Highlander.
         Makkabeus Rex - Head 6s Admin - Current Head Admin of Traditional Sixes.
         numerous members - Admin & Moderators - Division admins, PUG admins, Discord and league moderators, work directly with players and teams.

Guides - Those that write the guides on TF+
Running costs: $A Lot/yr - Software licenses, Lost Labor
         yogrrt - Guides Head Manager - Delegates tasks, works with team to assure guides are quality and easy to follow.
         numerous members - Guide creators that work tirelessly to create guides for new and old players alike.

RGL Developers - The talented staff that make RGL's website work correctly.
Running costs: $A Lot/yr - Software licenses, Lost Labor
         numerous members - Developers that work to fix bugs and add features to the website, work on TF2 plugins, and other platforms.

And more teams!
If there is a team that is not here and you want to donate to them, include them in the donation!

If you or your favorite organization is not listed, please have organization head fill out an application. Unclaimed donations go towards development of this website.